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Don't sweat it--we've got you covered. Use either of the scripts below to help guide you as you talk in your video.Answer the questions below to use as a guided script for your video testimonial.


Let's Record Your Video!

Choose One of the Two Scripts to Use While Recording Your Video! Have your jewelry in the video – either in the box or on your body and be sure to show it off to the camera!


Script Option 1:Video Testimonial Script with Guided Questions

*Be sure to answer each question in a full and complete sentence.

  • What is your first name?
  • What jewelry did you receive from LuLu Rose Couture? (*When answering, be sure to mention “LuLu Rose Couture” in your answer!)
  • What was your first reaction when you saw the jewelry you received?
  • How quickly did your jewelry ship to you?
  • What occasion or reason did you buy the jewelry for?
  • How long have you been wearing the jewelry since you got it?
  • Do you wear your jewelry in the shower?
  • Would you buy from LuLu Rose Couture again? What upcoming event(s) would you consider buying new LuLu Rose Couture jewelry for?


Script Option 2: Video Testimonial Script

*Fill in the blanks as you talk to the camera.

So I got this  ____________________ from LuLu Rose Couture online and I just had to share with my family and friends how easy it was to get luxurious jewelry for the price of faux. Just look how gorgeous! (*Show off your jewelry to the camera!*)

It arrived in ________ days and my first impression of them was _________________.

All you have to do is place your order online through a super easy-to-navigate website and within 5-7 business days, shimmering jewelry will be delivered straight to your doorstep.  I bought mine for __________________ and absolutely LOVE it.

LuLu Rose Couture actually has a HUGE promotion going on right now – not sure for how much longer though, so if you’re in need of a jewelry refresh, you better jump on it now before it ends! Hope you love your new jewelry as much as I do!

(End script)


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